Our Story

More than just a clothing brand, Boshies is fashion with a purpose. Reinspiring the Arab youth with modern takes on their cultural heritage.

Today, Arabs are not only losing touch with their cultural roots, but their voices are also getting lost in the global media climate. What better medium than fashion to help this generation tell its own story?

Boshies is a modern Arabic clothing brand that aims to reflect the diversity and spirit of the region, helping shift the conversation to a more positive note.

By creating fashion pieces inspired by the Arab cultural heritage, Boshies is not only helping modernize Arab culture, but it also hopes to spread this culture across the world. So it can be enjoyed by Arabs and non Arabs alike.

In 2017, it all started with a modern incarnation of the Tarboosh hat, when we decided to put a contemporary spin on one of the staples of Arab clothing.

An icon of traditional masculinity

In 1826, the tarboosh was adopted across the Ottoman Empire. It came as an answer to the banned turban, which was deemed out-dated and unpractical. For over a century after that, the tarboosh spread throughout the Middle-East and North Africa.

Turned into a female fashion accessory

Fast forward to Spring 2017, when Boshies re-designed and produced the first prototype of the modern tarboosh hat. 

This held the purpose of communicating the innovative and liberal values of the brand. Whereby it celebrated a fresh take on a traditional staple and the idea that women should flaunt what was previously conceived as an exclusive male accessory.

It also gave the brand’s name, Boshies, inspired by the word “tarbooshi”, which means “my tarboosh”.

Followed by a successful crowdfunding campaign

In September 2017, Boshies officially kicked-off with a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, raising a total of $30’000 in sales worth.

The products launched were a modern tarboosh hat and beanie, as well as a t-shirt with a velvet حب print. All of which created an immense buzz in Lebanon.

Following this success, Boshies widened its product offering to include t-shirts, crop tops, sweaters, hoodies and dresses, with other products underway such as joggers, bomber jackets, boxers, and more.

Today, the brand is available in Lebanon, Dubai, Kuwait city, Jeddah, Paris, Los Angeles, and is eagerly scheduled to intercept other cities soon.

The ambition is huge

The Boshies team is deeply convinced that the Middle-Eastern culture has too much to offer to be placed on the sidelines and the time has come to create a leader in Arab Wear.